Sean Bruno sean_bruno at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 15:04:17 UTC 2013

I'm working on a port of IDJC, which requires jackd.

At this point, I'm stuck on two jackd related issues.

1.  How do I configure freebsd+jackd for realtime audio?  Currently I
have to configure my .jackdrc to disable realtime audio, e.g.
/usr/local/bin/jackd -r -T -d oss 

2.  Any clues on getting the microphone working with jackd?  My
microphones work fine under audacity, but I don't seem to be able to get
any audio from microphones.


p.s. I'd like to use audio/ardour to test jack seperately from my
current port attempt, but audio/ardour doesn't compile:

p.p.s.  My current attempt at audio/idjc and audio/shout-idjc, reviews
welcome and appreciated.
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