snd_envy24{,ht} recording support?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Wed Mar 20 16:23:26 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-03-20 at 10:59 -0500, Jason wrote:
> Speaking of kern/152378, Ralf, is there any chance you could review
> that?

I have a lot of work to do and only if I have enough time I'll take a
look again at FreeBSD. However, if you provide the steps to build the
kernel, or module or what ever needs to be build, I can test my TerraTec
cards. IIRC I haven't found an app to see and/or hear audio input, when
I tested the RME card, IIRC I only was able to test the outputs.

It's possible for me to copy and paste commands or to run a script to
build what's needed, when I don't need Linux for office work, e.g. when
I'm sleeping I could backup FreeBSD and let it build a new kernel, but I
can't do research how to do it at the moment.

Sent me the steps and I run the commands tonight or tomorrow night.

I'm only experienced using Linux.

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