snd_envy24{,ht} recording support?

Jason jason.harmening at
Wed Mar 20 15:59:33 UTC 2013

I haven't been able to get a response from Konstantin in roughly the same amount of time. 

Speaking of kern/152378, Ralf, is there any chance you could review that?  It's a simple patch, and it's been working fine for me for 3 yrs now…and I'm tired of maintaining it locally against the kernel tree :)

I have an audiophile 192 that I can at least use to test any recording support…I might be able to contribute some code too, but I'm really busy right now, so I can't guarantee how quickly.

It's been a while since I looked at the code, but IIRC a lot of DAC and ADC functionality on these cards is dependent on I2C devices which are specific to each different card.  So a big part of recording support would probably be adding the necessary device support to spicds.c, and that's probably also why some envy24ht cards don't work at all (the driver recognizes the envy PCI bridge, but not the I2C DAC).

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