M2Tech HiFace Two and FreeBSD

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Sun Sep 2 08:26:40 UTC 2012

On Saturday 01 September 2012 21:10:47 Roberth Sjonøy wrote:
> Hello
> I have just installed FreeBSD 9.1rc1. I have to two soundcards on my
> computer, one which is intergrated and one which is connected through
> usb.
> The intergrated one works great, playing music with mplayer with that
> soundcard as we speak.
> The USB soundcard which is of much more higher quality and gives me a
> rca spdif directly to my stereo system, it is an M2Tech HiFace Two. It
> is stated by the manufacturere that it is in 100 % usb 2.0 compliant
> and work out of the box with alsa on linux.
> Manual:
> http://www.m2tech.biz/public/pdf/hiFace%20Two%20user%20manual%20PrA.pdf
> Refer to page 25.
> Relevant part of dmesg:
> uaudio0: <M2Tech USB Audio 2.0> on usbus0
> uaudio0: No playback.
> uaudio0: No recording.
> uaudio0: No midi sequencer.
> I am new to FreeBSD.
> Regards,
> Roberth Sjonøy


Can you dump the USB descriptors of your device?

usbconfig -d X.Y dump_curr_config_desc dump_device_desc

Can you enable uaudio debuggging, and then plug your device?

sysctl hw.usb.uaudio.debug=15

Then send dmesg.


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