M2Tech HiFace Two and FreeBSD

Roberth Sjonøy roberth.sjonoy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 19:10:54 UTC 2012


I have just installed FreeBSD 9.1rc1. I have to two soundcards on my
computer, one which is intergrated and one which is connected through

The intergrated one works great, playing music with mplayer with that
soundcard as we speak.

The USB soundcard which is of much more higher quality and gives me a
rca spdif directly to my stereo system, it is an M2Tech HiFace Two. It
is stated by the manufacturere that it is in 100 % usb 2.0 compliant
and work out of the box with alsa on linux.

Manual: http://www.m2tech.biz/public/pdf/hiFace%20Two%20user%20manual%20PrA.pdf

Refer to page 25.

Relevant part of dmesg:

uaudio0: <M2Tech USB Audio 2.0> on usbus0
uaudio0: No playback.
uaudio0: No recording.
uaudio0: No midi sequencer.

I am new to FreeBSD.


Roberth Sjonøy

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