Pre-release of webcamd [v0.2.4] - testing remotes

Koop Mast kwm at
Sat Jun 4 10:14:18 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-06-03 at 20:47 +0200, Juergen Lock wrote:
> In article <201105311932.38205.hselasky at> you write:
> >Hi,
> Hi!
> >
> >Attaching new patch for ports. Some minor changes.
>  Since this version now provides Linux-like /dev/input/eventX device
> nodes I tested that a bit and made the following patches:
> 1. For the new webcamd:
> 	Switch Technotrend S2-3600 and PCVTV 452e dvb-s2 tuner remote
> 	handling from .rc.legacy to .rc.core, allowing rc5 scancodes
> 	of (some) other remotes to show up on /dev/input/eventX
> 	so e.g. an universal remote with more buttons could be used
> 	instead of the shipped minimal remote of the PCVTV 452e
> 	tuner.  (And this also allows repeat to work with the lirc
> 	patch below.)
> 	Fix EVIOCGKEYCODE and EVIOCGKEYCODE_V2 ioctl definitions
> 	in linux/input.h, they need to be _IOWR not _IOR (like with
> 	FE_GET_PROPERTY they're wrong on Linux too but there the
> 	driver doesn't care.)

I take it the input.h and uinput.h you included in the v4l_compat update
also contain these fixes?

> 2. For multimedia/v4l_compat:
> 	Add <linux/input.h> and <linux/uinput.h> headers needed to access
> 	/dev/input/eventX that webcamd now can provide.

I merged the patch and the new headers in the tarball. I also updated
libv4l to 0.8.4.

> 3. New port multimedia/v4lutils: (preliminary, help wanted, maybe
>    Hans wants to maintain this too like multimedia/libv4l that
>    builds from the same sourcetree?)

I poked it a bit than this is what I came up with.
This will build with clang, and will build on 7.x. Although some small
fixes are more personal preference.

I haven't really tested the utils either but the v4l2-ctl util option
--list-formats (--list-formats-ext) is really nice to see what the
webcam supports.


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