Pre-release of webcamd [v0.2.4] - testing remotes

Juergen Lock nox at
Fri Jun 3 18:49:20 UTC 2011

In article <201105311932.38205.hselasky at> you write:
>Attaching new patch for ports. Some minor changes.

 Since this version now provides Linux-like /dev/input/eventX device
nodes I tested that a bit and made the following patches:

1. For the new webcamd:

	Switch Technotrend S2-3600 and PCVTV 452e dvb-s2 tuner remote
	handling from .rc.legacy to .rc.core, allowing rc5 scancodes
	of (some) other remotes to show up on /dev/input/eventX
	so e.g. an universal remote with more buttons could be used
	instead of the shipped minimal remote of the PCVTV 452e
	tuner.  (And this also allows repeat to work with the lirc
	patch below.)

	Fix EVIOCGKEYCODE and EVIOCGKEYCODE_V2 ioctl definitions
	in linux/input.h, they need to be _IOWR not _IOR (like with
	FE_GET_PROPERTY they're wrong on Linux too but there the
	driver doesn't care.)

2. For multimedia/v4l_compat:

	Add <linux/input.h> and <linux/uinput.h> headers needed to access
	/dev/input/eventX that webcamd now can provide.

3. New port multimedia/v4lutils: (preliminary, help wanted, maybe
   Hans wants to maintain this too like multimedia/libv4l that
   builds from the same sourcetree?)

	I mainly wanted this for the ir-keytable(1) tool, the other
	tools are not really tested, and ir-keytable(1) still looks
	for /sys/class/rc/ which we also don't have.  But using
	that tool you can e.g.  check remote events coming in on

		ir-keytable -d /dev/input/eventX -t

	list the current keytable,

		ir-keytable -d /dev/input/eventX -r

	or add scancodes on the fly by loading a custom keymap,

		ir-keytable -d /dev/input/eventX -w keymap.txt

	(on Linux this can be automated using udev, don't know
	if we need something like that also...)

4. Update comms/lirc to 0.9.0:

	This adds the devinput driver (lircd -H devinput ..) and
	a hack that fixes repeat using it (/dev/input/eventX) by
	replacing repeated scancodes with repeated key down events
	for lirc (tested with the pctv452e and mceusb drivers),
	I've also put that patch here:

 Note: the mceusb driver still works with lirc pointed at /dev/lircX
and the the shipped mceusb remote but it seems to no longer work
properly with lircd (and irrecord) pointed at /dev/lircX at least
with some remotes I tested where it worked before with the version
in the current (old) webcamd port.  But this problem seems(?) to
exist on Linux too so it's not webcamd's fault.  The mceusb driver
does work with the lirc devinput driver i.e. lirc pointed at
/dev/input/eventX, then it detects scancodes for several of my
remotes I have here, but at least for one remote it (as well as
ir-keytable -t) doesn't see repeated scancodes when holding a button,
something which did work with the old webcamd with mceusb when
pointing lirc at /dev/lircX.

 Also, some (Linux-centric, so not all of them apply) notes re
ir-keytable(1) and the lirc devinput change are here:

 And instead of editing hardware.conf on Linux with our lirc port
you can set lircd_flags and lircd_device in rc.conf(5), like:

	lircd_flags="-H devinput"

 Happy testing, :)

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