FreeBSD and controlling an alarm via relay

Bernt Hansson bernt at
Tue Jul 5 09:15:45 UTC 2011

2011-07-04 12:39, Achilleas Mantzios skrev:
> Hello, sorry for the cross-post but i believe this question might seat in both lists.
> I am the guy who had the done the old 1.23.3 zoneminder port some years ago, and i am thinking of installing/testing
> the new 1.24.4 port, submitted by bsam at
> Besides the basic functions, i am thinking of re-using some old techniques by which i controlled
> the home alarm via a NC/NO circuit (basically it was an enhanced door contact),
> driven by an old zyXel modem,  which in turn was driven by a small perl program driving the com port, and
> which was called by a deamon reading zoneminder shared memory info directly.
> That way i could trigger the alarm system getting into alarm state, whenever zoneminder detected motion,
> in a fully controlled and programmatic way.

Is this what you you are looking for

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