MythTV backend - any hope to get my PVR-250 working?

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at
Sun Apr 17 03:13:50 UTC 2011

On Sat, 16 Apr 2011 21:05:05 -0500
Saul A Peebsen <jaglover at> wrote:

> This is what I see:
> cxm0: <Conexant iTVC16 MPEG Coder> mem 0xf0000000-0xf3ffffff irq 17 at
> device 14.0 on pci0 cxm_iic0: <Conexant iTVC15 / iTVC16 I2C controller>
> on cxm0 iicbb0: <I2C bit-banging driver> on cxm_iic0
> iicbus0: <Philips I2C bus> on iicbb0 master-only
> cxm0: Philips FI1236 MK2 tuner
> cxm0: SAA7115 rev 1 video decoder
> cxm0: MSP4448G-A2 audio decoder
> cxm0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
> cxm0: [ITHREAD]
> cxm0: encoder firmware version 0x2050032
> I suppose that's OK? Please note I had to remove IR from sources because

Yes, that looks fine.
Have you tested your card with mplayer?
1) set the channel with pvr250-setchannel
2) use something like (g)mplayer -cache 8192 /dev/cxm0 to play.

> Anyhow, I tried to configure it using mythtv-setup and whatever type of
> card I tried it always displayed "Failed to open". I've updated the log

Do you have PVR-2xx / PVR-5xx in the card setup in mythtv-setup?
First you have to have that choice, or nothing works for the PVR-250.

If you have it, you should be able to setup your card by
specifying /dev/cxm0 as the device.

> Does it mean I have to set up channels before backend can start? Or does
> it mean the card cannot be used?

No, but the backend needs a valid card before it will start.
As Bernhard has said, there re problems with the pvrxxx driver and
MythTV > 0.22; they don't communicate very well.

The pvr250 driver might or might not have the same problem, it is a bit
early to tell yet.
More debugging needs to be done.


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