notebook webcam work multimedia/pwcview not work multimedia/pwcbsd

Andrey Fesenko f0andrey at
Thu Apr 14 22:00:01 UTC 2011

I have notebook Acer Aspare 3820TG
integrated webcam ugen1.3: <1.3M WebCam XPA4J14G2> at usbus1, cfg=0
md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON

If use  multimedia/pwcview

> pwcview
WebCam work ok.

If use multimedia/pwcbsd
# kldload pwc
> tail /var/log/messages
Apr 14 23:56:39 beastie root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x0402
product 0x9665 bus uhub3

> pwcview
Failed to set palette to YUV420P: Invalid argument
WebCam not work

webcamd_enable="YES" in both cases

can I make a patch on pwcview from port multimedia/pwcbsd?

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