multimedia/pvr250 port doesn't compile on FreeBSD 8

Thomas Klausner tk at
Thu May 13 23:44:43 UTC 2010


Today I downloaded FreeBSD 8/amd64 and tried installing the pvr250

It didn't compile, same reason as:

The first error is in cxm_open; the code there is
	unit = UNIT( minor(dev) );
where unit is an int, and UNIT is defined as #define UNIT(x) ((x) & 0x0f)
but that's not the reason, since I get the same error when I just
remove the UNIT(...) and leave
	unit = minor(dev);

There's also the question of how the patch-iic target should be
handled on FreeBSD>6 (see forum page cited above).

Suggested patches?

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