ffmpeg-2009-05-15 port ready for testing!

Koop Mast kwm at FreeBSD.org
Sun May 17 22:39:02 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-17 at 15:27 +0200, Alberto Villa wrote:
> hi all!
> as the maintainer of multimedia/(mlt|mlt++|kdenlive), and as a multimedia 
> user, i feel the need for a newer ffmpeg in the ports tree. my maintained 
> apps, as well as a lot of other software (blender, for example), are now 
> broken due to the old ffmpeg (i have to ship a patch for the ffmpeg port on 
> kdenlive.org to avoid a crash in the program in freebsd, but that cannot be 
> shipped with the port itself!)


I will be working on this, thanks for the patch.

> so, i've made a new port (quite easy), and i'd like you to test and 
> (hopefully) commit it. i'm not sending a pr because it is an important port, 
> and i think the list should review it. also, it's breaking the building of 
> some other ports, but that's a matter of some #define's

The best way of doing this is to submit a pr and then put a mail on the
list. Because stuff can get lost on the mailing list.

> at the moment i'm using (happily! blender started reading my video files, 
> kdenlive doesn't crash anymore, and so on) my port. i've rebuilt all its 
> dependent ports, which means:
> blender-2.48a_1 *
> gegl-0.0.22_4  
> gimp-2.6.6,2   
> gimp-app-2.6.6_1,1
> gimp-gutenprint-5.1.7_1
> kdenlive-0.7.3_1       
> libquicktime-1.1.1 *
> mlt++-0.3.8            
> mlt-0.3.8              
> py25-gimp-app-2.6.6    
> sox-14.2.0
> among these, only blender and libquicktime required some little patches (i'm 
> attaching them to this mail)

Unless I'm blind I only see the ffmpeg patch itself. Can you resend
those patches?

> i've enabled ALL the configure options supported in kdenlive (in OPTIONS, 
> obviously), and it's working fine. maybe some check is required for the 
> replace actions, but they seem to work
> attached you find:
> - the port .tar.gz
> - the .diff between the actual port and the new one
> - the patches to build libquicktime and blender (as an example)
> and here you find the distfile: 
> http://kdenlive.org/~freebsd/ffmpeg-2009-05-15.tar.bz2
> regards

Again thanks for doing this work.


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