ffmpeg-2009-05-15 port ready for testing!

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Sun May 17 13:51:33 UTC 2009

hi all!
as the maintainer of multimedia/(mlt|mlt++|kdenlive), and as a multimedia 
user, i feel the need for a newer ffmpeg in the ports tree. my maintained 
apps, as well as a lot of other software (blender, for example), are now 
broken due to the old ffmpeg (i have to ship a patch for the ffmpeg port on 
kdenlive.org to avoid a crash in the program in freebsd, but that cannot be 
shipped with the port itself!)

so, i've made a new port (quite easy), and i'd like you to test and 
(hopefully) commit it. i'm not sending a pr because it is an important port, 
and i think the list should review it. also, it's breaking the building of 
some other ports, but that's a matter of some #define's

at the moment i'm using (happily! blender started reading my video files, 
kdenlive doesn't crash anymore, and so on) my port. i've rebuilt all its 
dependent ports, which means:
blender-2.48a_1 *
libquicktime-1.1.1 *
among these, only blender and libquicktime required some little patches (i'm 
attaching them to this mail)

i've enabled ALL the configure options supported in kdenlive (in OPTIONS, 
obviously), and it's working fine. maybe some check is required for the 
replace actions, but they seem to work

attached you find:
- the port .tar.gz
- the .diff between the actual port and the new one
- the patches to build libquicktime and blender (as an example)
and here you find the distfile: 

Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>
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