snd_emu10kx - center and subwoofer output

Krzysztof Kotlenga piernik at
Mon Sep 22 18:42:40 UTC 2008


While trying to setup multichannel output using SB Audigy (CA100),
PulseAudio and snd_emu10kx I came into problem with sub/center outputs
being mute. After some digging, I've found that the driver code
enabling them is disabled and enabling it (see attachment) solves my

Another problem is that I'm using analog outputs and until I set
dev.emu10kx.0._digital=0 sysctl, analog/digital output produces only
digital noise. Hearing that noise every time you turn on your PC, after
the module loads and before sysctl runs can by quite annoying.

I think both these issues were mentioned earlier on this list but
didn't get enough attention.

This being said, huge thanks to Yuriy for making this possible!

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