CFT: MythTV Fixes

Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Sun Sep 21 16:36:42 UTC 2008

Hi MythTV Users!

As you all know the mythtv port is scheduled for removal so i decided to
spend a few evenings to improve the situation a bit.

Things that have changed ...

* multimedia/mythtv
 * port fixed with patch from ports/126343 (Thanks Anders Troback!)
 * fixed build on amd64
 * fixed conflicts with installed ffmpeg
 * fixed compile problem with libdts/libdca

* multimedia/mythtv-frontend
 * MythTV 0.21
 * slim and clean new port with fewer dependencies
 * sorry but FRONTEND ONLY!

* multimedia/mythtv-themes
 * additional themes from MythTV 0.21

How to get it ...

The reason for this call is that the port was broken for a long time
and the mythtv code uses a dangerous style for including files. That
easily breaks compile because it happens to include wrong headers
from /usr/local/include which it shouldn't.

I have tested the ports as good as i can but that is only FreeBSD
7-STABLE on i386 and amd64. In lack of an mythtv 0.20 backend and
supported hardware i could not test multimedia/mythtv more than
compiling it. I'd highly appreciate it if some of you could at least
try to compile the ports on a newer FreeBSD 6.x to see how it works.


Bernhard Froehlich

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