Sergio Veloso smveloso at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 19:51:58 UTC 2008


> As I can see, you have 3 PCM devices. First dsp0 should give you
> internal speakers and one headphones jack playback and line-in
> recording. dsp1 will give you second jack playback and mic recording.
> dsp2 is an SPDIF playback.

  I read your remark on the new driver supporting multiple codecs per
bus thus giving dsp0, dsp1, etc... Is that what you´re talking about
here ?

>Have you tried to play via dsp1 to get output
> via second jack? Have you tried to record from dsp1 to record from
> microphone?

  I did the test (by changing "hw.snd.default_unit" to "1"). The
second headphone jack and the internal mic worked just fine.

> To get speakers working you probably may need to experiment with GPIOs.
> You have 3 of them.
> Alexander Motin

  Haven´t tried that yet; will get back to you with results when I do.

  Thank very much for your time !

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