Alexander Motin mav at mavhome.dp.ua
Wed Sep 17 09:23:40 UTC 2008

Sergio Veloso wrote:
>> Sergio Veloso wrote:
>>>   I am having some problems with sound support in a Dell Vostro 1400 with
>>> FreeBSD 7.0:
>>>   - Sound is output only through the headphones. Internal speakers are
>>> silent.
>>>   - Internal microphone (located beside the webcam) does not work at all.
>> Read last month topics in this list related to my new HDA driver.
>> Try this: http://people.freebsd.org/~mav/
>> --
>> Alexander Motin
>   I read last month's topics and updated the hda driver to current
> (just the driver, not the rest of the kernel sources).
>   Booting with the new driver and 7-STABLE did not fix the issues, but
> there was a change: before the update, both headphone jacks worked and
> now only the left one does. Speakers are still mute.
>   I am including some info so maybe you can help me find out what I am
> missing...

As I can see, you have 3 PCM devices. First dsp0 should give you
internal speakers and one headphones jack playback and line-in
recording. dsp1 will give you second jack playback and mic recording.
dsp2 is an SPDIF playback. Have you tried to play via dsp1 to get output
via second jack? Have you tried to record from dsp1 to record from

To get speakers working you probably may need to experiment with GPIOs.
You have 3 of them.

Alexander Motin

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