alc889a/alc885 with hda.7.20080913.patch

Jochen Keil jochen.keil at
Sun Sep 14 21:01:54 UTC 2008

Alexander Motin schrieb:
> Actually this is bad. Device should be opened with AC3 format. You are 
> just lucky that your receiver is clever enough to detect unmarked AC3 
> input stream instead of PCM data. Mine is not.

Makes me love my amp even more. :)

> Probably reason is also in Soft PCM vol. I had no such messages on my 
> tests. My AD1988 codec has real hardware digital volume control, so Soft 
> PCM vol is not used.

Setting pcm or vol to anything else than 100 while mplayer is running 
results in immediate noise. Never had that issue with ad1988: i just 
couldn't change vol/pcm. In Windows the volume setting for SPDIF is 
marked as not changeable.

If i can provide further info/help out somehow i'd be glad to do so!


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