About the new hda patch

Henry Hu henry.hu.sh at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:43:49 UTC 2008


I'm using the patch version 20080904 with 7-STABLE.
After one patch version (I suppose it was 20080901), I found that my
"vol" volume control has lost its function.
In the past, the sound volume was determined by the "vol" and "pcm",
they both have effects. If "vol" * "mul" < 100, there were no sound.
Now, the volume is solely determined by "pcm", and "vol" only
determines if the sound is muted.
Now, if "pcm" < 3, I cannot hear anything. If "vol" is 0, there is no
sound. But the effect of "vol" == 1 is the same as "vol" == 100.
So maybe there's something changed about volume handling in the
driver? I can't determine which way is better, as the old way has
thousands of levels available, there is only almost one hundred now.
My codec is ALC262 under Intel 82801H(ich8).

Best Regards,

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