saa driver status for freebsd ?

Fritz Katz frtzkatz at
Wed Oct 8 12:57:52 UTC 2008

--- On Wed, 10/8/08, "Luigi Rizzo" <rizzo(at)> wrote:

> ... A snapshot of what i currently have is at
> The driver itself is already pretty much complete for 
> the analog video part -- it supports various formats 
> and the mmap() interface.  Tuner/source/peripheral 
> control is trivially done in userspace (through 
> ioctls to talk to the I2c and GPIO pins) and is not
> timing-sensitive, so there is really no point in 
> doing that in the driver. ...

Will the userspace 'glue' be able to support applications
such as mplayer?:

-- Fritz.


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