saa driver status for freebsd ?

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Tue Oct 7 20:44:22 UTC 2008

As per the subject, is there anyone working on the 'saa'
driver (713x chipset) for FreeBSD, which is part of
the kbtv/kbtv2 port ?

I have been doing some cleanup work on the driver to
prepare it for supporting DVB-T cards, which are widely
available (e.g. I am working on the Asus 7131Hybrid)
and well supported on Linux so there is at least some
reference code.

A snapshot of what i currently have is at

The driver itself is already pretty much complete for the
analog video part -- it supports various formats and the mmap()
Tuner/source/peripheral control is trivially done in userspace
(through ioctls to talk to the I2c and GPIO pins) and is not
timing-sensitive, so there is
really no point in doing that in the driver.
So i plan to move/implement that in userspace where it is a
lot easier to do.
I already have code to upload the firmware to the board.

What is missing is just a little bit of code to support read()
in addition to mmap(), and some other code (presumably not too
complex) to let the 713x copy the received mpeg stream to memory
using the DMA engines.

If someone else is interested or has already done some of this,
please let me know -- as a reference, the standard linux kernel
already support this cards through the saa7134 driver (for the video
decoder and DMA engine part) and the tda1004x and tda827x/tda829x
drivers for the DVB decoder and tuner, respectively. But as I said,
the latter two are really things that belong to userland.


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