FreeBSD port for zoneminder 1.23.3

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Tue Oct 7 08:06:14 UTC 2008

Achilleas Mantzios <achill at> writes:
> Στις Tuesday 07 October 2008 00:10:59 ο/η Boris Samorodov έγραψε:
>> Hi!
> Добро Утро!

Доброе! ;-)

>> Achilleas Mantzios <achill at> writes:
>> > In case some one is interested here is the announcement:
>> >
>> >
>> I've read the thread and tried to build packages.
>> First, I had to add a dependency upon gnutls. But I'n not sure
>> what kind of dependency it should be. There are build, run and
>> library dependencies at the port's Makefile.

Can you answer this question? I'd like to suggest a patch to your port
but can't do it without that information.

>> Second, I've got errors which had been described at the forum.
>> As I understand from forum those arrors should disappear with
>> current ffmpeg port. But I see those errors for all amd64
> First off, i dont have neither 7.1 or 8.0 or amd64 handy.

The error is identical at all systems, so there is no need to have all
of them. BTW, 7-STABLE and 8-CURRENT -i386 suffers the same error:,1.log,1.log

Actually, one shouldn't have all systems at hand -- ports-mgmt/tinderbox
is a great tool.

> Actually from what the posters on 
> say, i conclude that the problem arises with the current ffmpeg port and not vice versa.
> One user (vess) suggested that you rebuild ffmpeg with --enable-swscale,
> and remove files/patch_zm_mpeg.cpp.
> You can try it and post the results to forum thread in order for future
> users to have a complete view of all efforts/successes done.

Well, as I'd said, I've read this thread. Actually, many times. ;-)
But nothing helped me.

Current multimedia/ffmpeg port uses --enable-swscale by default (since
10 Aug 2008) and doesn't have files/patch_zm_mpeg.cpp. That's why I
wrote "nothing helps".

>> FreeBSD versions:
>> Packages were build by ports-mgmt/tinderbox.
>> What did I miss? Any help is appresiated. Thanks.

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