Driver for Asus P7131 and other SAA-based cards ? (was Re: kbtv2 sound saa.c -- And BETA3 available)

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Wed Mar 5 16:55:47 UTC 2008

Quoting Luigi Rizzo <luigi at> (from Wed, 5 Mar 2008  
10:07:04 +0100):

> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 09:43:50AM +0100, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Quoting Luigi Rizzo <luigi at> (from Wed, 5 Mar 2008
>> 08:04:11 +0100):
>> >ok - thanks for all the pointers. I will keep the list posted
>> >if i make some progress.
>> If someone stumbles by chance upon the programming documentation of a
>> DVB-S2 or even a DVB-S chip, I'm all ears. But I think all digital
>> stuff is locked away because of some legal stuff from holliwood (DRM),
>> even if it is about free TV stations.
> As Danny mentioned, there are several DVB boards supported on linux,
> and Raaf posted 12-15 months ago a driver for an USB card.

Linux code is not really a programming documentation. I assume you  
understand what I mean.

> In terms of device driver support: the linux saa7134 driver has a
> lot of code to download the firmware, control tuner, decoder, and various
> card configurations.
> I am not sure all these things belong in the kernel - they
> are not IO or CPU intensive, and it would be a lot more flexible to
> handle them through userland programs that issue appropriate IOCTL
> to play with the internal i2c bus or card registers.
> In this respect, I am leaning towards a userland approach rather
> than adding a lot of stuff to the current saa.ko driver

I agree.


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