faad/faac and drm

Diane Bruce db at db.net
Sun Jan 27 13:25:53 PST 2008


Following up on my own post..


> > Nope, it will be worst problem. Best solution is to fix faad+drm by figure
> > why it breaks other popular applications (ex: mplayer).

aac generated by iTunes on an OSX system works just fine on xmms with
the xmms-faad plug in. mplayer here does not seem to be linked with faad

I need to be able to replicate this bug. And it really should be a
proper PR now. I'd like  -with-drm readded myself ;-)

Could someone file a proper PR with known test cases that fail?

- Diane
- db at FreeBSD.org db at db.net http://www.db.net/~db

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