Flash plugin on 7.0, what are my options?

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Mon Jan 14 09:08:59 PST 2008

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> Quoting Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at Leidinger.net>:
>> Quoting Marcus Alves Grando <mnag at FreeBSD.org> (from Mon, 14 Jan   
>> 2008 00:06:09 -0200):
>>> Baldur Gislason wrote:
>>>> I recently installed 7.0-RC1 and I really want to get flash
>>>> working in some web browser.
>>>> What is a known working combination of browser+flash plugin?
>>>> I noted that linuxpluginwrapper doesn't compile under FreeBSD 7.0
>>> I don't know about linuxpluginwrapper, but
>>> www/nspluginwrapper+www/linux-flashplugin7+www/firefox work's fine on
>>> mostly cases.
>> If you run the 32bit version of FreeBSD. For 64bit I would be   
>> surprised if it works (flashplugin is 32bit, and the native firefox  
>>  would be 64bit, this doesn't work together, you could try with   
>> linux-firefox in this case, as it is 32bit too).
> Thanks for the tip Alexander.  Linux-firefox does start flash on
> youtube.com for example but crashes within a few seconds on AMD64 for

Isn't youtube flash8 or better?

> me.  This could be a problem with the linux and linux kernels that I'm
> using.  I'm going to keep trying to get a wining combination and this
> could be a start.

Amd74 may need a little bit of caretaking in the linuxulator (kernel part)...


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