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Mon Feb 11 09:56:03 PST 2008

   RBC Financial Group  [1]Contact Information 
                       Online Services Security

   > [3]Important Notices

   [icon_information.gif] Changes to the online banking site

   On November 4, you'll notice some new features when you sign in to
   online banking. On the Home page, there will be navigation tabs giving
   you easy access to your other RBC online accounts We advice you to
   take a tour on the demo. Click below for demo image below:

   Changes to the online banking site will affect your online banking
   account and we have suspended your account until such time that it can
   be safely restored by you because your RBC online account may have
   been compromised.

   To restore your account, click here : 

   In addition, as you navigate through the site, you'll see links in the
   upper right corner giving you quick access to:
     * Customer Support
     * Help with this page
     * Edit Profile

   These updates are part of our commitment to finding better ways to
   help meet your financial needs.

   Last modified: 02/11/2008 7:40:48


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