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Wed Dec 31 00:09:47 UTC 2008

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Robert Noland wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-12-31 at 00:07 +0100, Bernhard Froehlich wrote:
>>>   To make sure OpenGL is built into QT 3.3, I created a slave port
>>> (x11-toolkits/qt33-opengl with CONFLICTS set for qt-3.3.* et al.)
>> and
>>> made mythtv-frontend depend on that.  Let me know what you think of
>> that
>>> idea.
>> Yeah that didn't came up because its "on" per default but you are
>> absolutely right - that can fail the mythtv port. The name qt33-opengl
>> suggests, that it is an enhanced version of qt33 but qt33 already has
>> opengl on per default so wouldn't it be better to depend on qt33 and
>> create an qt33-noopengl port? I've looked over mythtv's configure and
>> it is also possible to compile mythtv without opengl support if that
>> helps in any way. But we would need a reliable way to detect opengl
>> support nevertheless.
> The problem with these types of slave ports is that there isn't
> currently a way to depend on port A or port A-option.  i.e. many ports
> will depend on qt33, while myth will depend on qt33-opengl.  Sure, you
> can go in after the fact and pkg_delete -f qt33 and add qt33-opengl, but
> your dependency map will still be wrong.  Tools like
> ports-mgmt/portmanager walk the entire dependency map for your installed
> ports and will find the issue and declare that qt33 is required by lots
> of ports, determine that a conflicting port is installed and attempt to
> resolve the situation, ultimately failing to update either myth or
> everything else that depends on qt33.
> I don't use kde nor qt33, so I'm not sure how to go about identifying
> the availability of opengl support, but what is needed is a mechanism to
> determine if qt33 has opengl support and either mark the myth port
> BROKEN if opengl support isn't available alerting the user of the issue
> or set whatever the appropriate --without-opengl option in the myth
> configure script is...
> robert.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for that feedback, and I'm going to trash the qt33-opengl slave
port.  I'm now testing a Makefile modification that checks the presence
of an OpenGL symbol in  So far, it seems like it's working,
and based on the result of that test, I'll enable/disable OpenGL support
in MythTV.

Thank you,
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