MythTV port upgrade?

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Tue Dec 30 23:43:20 UTC 2008

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Bernhard Froehlich wrote:

> Good to have you back :o)

Thanks, it's a lot easier to work without a generator roaring away in
the background and occasionally running out of gas!

>> I noticed some things:
>> - - Compilation initially failed because I didn't enable OpenGL support in
>> QT 3.3.  Unfortunately, there's no way to specify "WITH_OPENGL=true" in
>> the mythtv-frontend BUILD_DEPENDS directive.
>>   To make sure OpenGL is built into QT 3.3, I created a slave port
>> (x11-toolkits/qt33-opengl with CONFLICTS set for qt-3.3.* et al.) and
>> made mythtv-frontend depend on that.  Let me know what you think of that
>> idea.
> Yeah that didn't came up because its "on" per default but you are
> absolutely right - that can fail the mythtv port. The name qt33-opengl
> suggests, that it is an enhanced version of qt33 but qt33 already has
> opengl on per default so wouldn't it be better to depend on qt33 and
> create an qt33-noopengl port? I've looked over mythtv's configure and
> it is also possible to compile mythtv without opengl support if that
> helps in any way. But we would need a reliable way to detect opengl
> support nevertheless.

Ok, I must have compiled QT without OpenGL for some other reason in the
past and didn't realize it defaults to "on".  The only way that I see to
detect OpenGL support in QT is by running the following command:

nm -A /usr/local/lib/ | grep -q updateGL

If the exit code is zero, then OpenGL is compiled into QT.  Perhaps I
can trash the slave port and just run that check in the MythTV Makefile.
  If OpenGL isn't detected, I can either exit with an error or disable
it and proceed.

>> - - As mentioned previously in this thread, --disable-backend support has
>> been removed from MythTV's configure script.  In order to avoid
>> installing backend binaries, I created a patch file for
>> programs/ to omit them and updated pkg-plist accordingly.
> I think thats absolutely fine as the mythtv developers only do not
> support to build just a few parts of their software. But it should not
> be a problem for anyone if we build everything and then just decide
> not to install some of the files.

Ok, sounds good.

Thank you for the feedback,
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