multimedia/ffmpeg symbol build

Dieter freebsd at
Wed Aug 20 15:52:09 UTC 2008

> > The _g binaries aren't installed by the port, and were stripped anyway,
> > even with WITH_DEBUG defined.  Anyhoo, I've submitted a change-request PR
> > with a Makefile patch for quick and dirty symbol build support.  Hopefully
> > it will be approved and in the tree soon.
> Wait, I remember something (from my Gentoo days). There was a policy that=20
> MPlayer upstream did ignore any bugs filed against the Gentoo build of MPla=
> yer=20
> (which uses ffmpeg libraries) due to Gentoo's brave compiler flags.


> Perhaps=
>  the=20
> ffmpeg developers treat bugs against the FreeBSD port the same way?

Negotiating with the ffmpeg developers is above my pay grade, although
I didn't notice any dislike of BSD.  Fixing compiler warnings is optional,
but spaces vs tabs is vitally important.  Before dealing with them I
recommend warming up your diplomatic skills by creating a lasting peace
in the mideast.

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