multimedia/transcode won't build

Dieter freebsd at
Mon Aug 11 16:38:27 UTC 2008

> >> -#include <lzo/lzo1x.h>
> >> -#include <lzo/lzoutil.h>
> >> +#include <lzo1x.h>
> >> +#include <lzoutil.h>

> And here is a question for the freebsd-ports@ masters. If a port only 
> requires basic lzo functionality, is there an easy way to just work with 
> whatever version (lzo1 or lzo2) the user already has installed on the 
> system? Thus possibly avoiding the user ending up with both versions on 
> his system.

If the only problem is the location of the header file, why not
use -L/dir/ to search both places?  Then it should work with either
lzo1 or lzo2.

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