UPnP on FreeBSD

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at resnet.uoregon.edu
Thu Sep 6 14:41:08 PDT 2007

Warner Losh wrote this message on Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 11:54 -0600:
> I'm having a run of bad luck.  Maybe you can help.  I'm trying to
> setup a UPnP Media Server on my amd64 server running FreeBSD.  I've
> tried mediavault, but it core dumps right away.  I've tried building a
> couple that depend on devel/upnp, but I get a not for this
> architecture error (and a build error once I get past that).
> So rather than invest a ton of time into this, I thought I'd ask here
> what are people using?  I have a N770 that I'd like to be my Media
> Player so I can listen to my CD collection wirelessly while I'm around
> the house.

I'm using the python server that I wrote:

It has some issues, but is somewhat functional.  It will even transcode
.mov's using ffmpeg to MPEG-2 if your media player (I use the D-Link 520)
doesn't support .mov's.

Though the server doesn't work w/ the PS3.  I'm not sure why the PS3
doesn't like it though...  It doesn't seem to like the SystemId that
I return...  Probably some obsure part of the DLNA, spec which costs $$,
that I'm not following.. :(

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