[patch] multimedia/kmplayer update to 0.9.4a

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Wed Sep 5 17:00:39 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 21:12:06 Mel wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry to intrude, but...
> On Tuesday 04 September 2007 20:14:21 Pawel Pekala wrote:
> > -###
> > -## Lib Detection
> > -###
> > -# gstreamer
> > -.if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libgstplay-0.8.so)
> > -.endif
> > -# xine
> > -.if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libxine.so)
> > -WITH_XINE=yes
> > -.endif
> Is it really necessary to do this automagical detection without
> user-override? It happens frequently that I try some library for a few
> days/weeks, in between ports get upgraded and uninstalling that library
> suddenly reports 10 more dependencies.
> Would be nice if these constructs were at least created as:
> .if exists(${X11BASE}/lib/libgstplay-0.8.so) && !defined(WITHOUT_GSTREAMER)

Looks to me that this patch is wrong, but mostly so is the original port. 

If you use OPTIONS, you shouldn't use constructs like exists() at all, but 
rather only have the proper LIB_DEPENDS (or USE_*) added if the option is set 
to on. Even if, for example, xinelib is present, if the user keeps the option 
unset it should *not* build or install kxineplayer. Or remove the OPTIONS if 
it's not possible to use them as intended. If you have OPTIONS they should 
override anything else (POLA).

Attached is a reworked diff for the port update plus proper OPTIONS handling 
and removing non essential comments. Special flags for gcc42 don't seem to be 
needed (anymore?). Besides, disabling the standard -O2 flag should only be 
done as the very last resort IMHO because if that goes wrong there must be 
some underlying problem. I don't see -pedantic when building with either 
g++34 or g++42. If needed, I don't mind removing that.

Tested on -STABLE with both gcc34 and gcc42, ack'd that kgstplayer, 
kxineplayer are installed when asked for, and that runtime switching between 
backends is possible (I apparently don't have the proper formats enabled 
withy xine, gst to actually see and hear anything when testing but that's 
most likely a local thing). Not tested on tinderbox (but I did test 
deinstall/plist on my -STABLE box).

I use kmplayer a lot as my principal KDE video player, and so if multimedia@ 
would rather not maintain it or doesn't have the manpower, I'm willing to add 
kmplayer maintainership to my workload.

CC'd original submitter and the person who commented on it (to whose mail this 
is a reply).


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