No sound on HP nx6325

Michele Heurs michele.heurs at
Mon Sep 3 08:11:25 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I have downloaded the binary modules from Ariff (dated July 12th) to get
the sound working on my HP Compaq nx6325. However, the sound driver
still doesn't attach:

pcm0: <ATI SB450 High Definition Audio Controller> mem
0xd4408000-0xd440bfff irq 16 at device 20.2 on pci0
pcm0: hdac_mem_alloc: Unable to allocate memory resource
device_attach: pcm0 attach returned 6

pciconf -vl:

pcm0 at pci0:20:2: class=0x040300 card=0x103c30b0 chip=0x437b1002 rev=0x01
     vendor     = 'ATI Technologies Inc'
     class      = multimedia

Disabling acpi doesn't change anything.

Any hints what to do about this? Thanks in advance!

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