bktr and GPIO

Achilleas Mantzios achill at matrix.gatewaynet.com
Fri Oct 26 01:13:41 PDT 2007

List, Mark, hello again!

I managed to have a full blown Zoneminder installation on FreeBSD 6.2
with everything working + voice phone notifications in case of alarm!

The point is that the voice phone call solution works in parallel with my 
conventional alarm system over the same telephone land line. Apart from that 
it is not the best design to have two points of management, notifications, 

So i would think that i could utilize the GPIO alarm capabilities of 
this card LMLBT4M http://www.linuxmedialabs.com/product_details.php?prodid=320
through the DB15 port, and have this card act as a wired input to the alarm 
console. This card although not defined in the FreeBSD driver, captures
video alright and works great with ZoneMinder.

This card supports 4 optically insulated sensor inputs and 3 
insulated 1A 115AC/30VDC alarm relay outputs. (its the outputs that i am 
concerned at the moment).

I have some contact with the person who manufactures the cards and writes the 
linux drivers, and he asked me if FreeBSD has access to bt878 GPIO, and said
that it would be easy if so.

Yesterday night i recompiled the kernel with the BKTR_GPIO_ACCESS option,
and tried with some BT848_GPIO_SET_EN, BT848_GPIO_GET_EN, 
BT848_GPIO_SET_DATA, BT848_GPIO_GET_DATA ioctls calls on /dev/bktr0
but i got Inappropriate ioctl for device.
When i tried on /dev/tuner0 the same ioctl calls they seemed to at least 
return >=0.

The problem is that i have no idea of GPIO, and also no idea of the semantics 
of the above ioctls.
If i can do some of my homework on FreeBSD/bktr GPIO, then i can get back to 
the LML linux hacker and ask specific GPIO card questions.

Thanx for any hints.

Achilleas Mantzios

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