GOPchop replacement?

Anish Mistry amistry at
Mon May 28 15:37:33 UTC 2007

On Monday 28 May 2007, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> I'm looking to do non-linear editing, clip extraction, etc from a
> set of videos I've shot.  These videos are from a DV camera, and
> I've processed them down into MPEG2 format for DVDs.  I no longer
> have the DV originals.  I was wondering if there's any good
> non-linear editor for these things.  So far the best thing I've
> found is GOPchop, which is still extremely primitive.  Are there
> any others?  There's many in the multimedia category that look like
> they might do the trick, but so far I've come up empty.
> This is on FreeBSD/amd64 running current.
multimedia/avidemux2 will work.  I'm working on some compiling issues 
after the gcc 4.2 update right now.  If that has trouble with the 
MPEG2, let me know and I'll post a skeleton of the development 
version (which also has better multiprocessor support).

Anish Mistry
amistry at
AM Productions
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