GOPchop replacement?

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon May 28 06:50:39 UTC 2007

Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> On Sun, 27 May 2007 23:37:09 -0500, M. Warner Losh <imp at> wrote:
>> I'm looking to do non-linear editing, clip extraction, etc from a set
>> of videos I've shot.  These videos are from a DV camera, and I've
>> processed them down into MPEG2 format for DVDs.  I no longer have the
>> DV originals.  I was wondering if there's any good non-linear editor
>> for these things.  So far the best thing I've found is GOPchop, which
>> is still extremely primitive.  Are there any others?  There's many in
>> the multimedia category that look like they might do the trick, but so
>> far I've come up empty.
> Maybe this URL will helping you to find a better one.
> Which is better one? I have no idea. So far from what I see in the 
> screenshots: avidemux and PiTiVi look cool for GTK+2 or GNOME users, and 
> Kdenlive and Kfilm for KDE or QT users.
> Cheers,
> Mezz
>> This is on FreeBSD/amd64 running current.
>> Warner
 so I give up.. what does "non-linear" mean in this context?

I just been using imovie on my Mac to edit and re-export 
videos of the devsummit, and SUSpect it may mean that it can 
edit the video in its compressed format rather than needing 15 minutes
to import it into a linear format, editing it and spendign another 15 minutes
recompressing it..

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