streaming guru .. firewall port recommendations?

Ian Smith smithi at
Fri May 11 15:03:13 UTC 2007

On Thu, 10 May 2007, Julian Elischer wrote:

 > If anyone can tell me the ports to let through to make this work
 > without having to go through port 80 tcp, I'll see if I can have this change made.
 > Julian Elischer wrote:
 > > Danny Pansters wrote:

Modulo what Ross Finlayson said about the RTSP control channel ..

 > > Will that make it more robust?
 > > the problem is firewalls.

Hope I've got the right end of the horse here, it's going back a bit ..

We ran a realserver for a fair while, while there was a 'stable' FreeBSD
binary anyway, and for way too long after, on a dinky 56k modem link :)

Apart from over HTTP,

rtsp            554/tcp    #Real Time Stream Control Protocol
rtsp            554/udp    #Real Time Stream Control Protocol

and you'll already know about

appleqtc        458/tcp    #apple quick time
appleqtc        458/udp    #apple quick time

and (consulting an old stateless firewall) realplayer by default used
sometimes 6970-6973? but the default 7070-7073 UDP main port and range,
and most of (clients' and ISP's) firewalls will let these pass.

I seem to recall quicktime (audio anyway) could/did allow/suggest at
least one of those UDP ranges also (because ISPs commonly let it flow),
but I could easily be forgetting what was when and who did what to whom. 

I see my Billion ADSL router by default allows 7070 in and out, labelled
'_rav' on 'medium' security level, so that's the commonest default port,
but as I said, this is dredging up the past .. I've done no video stuff. 

 > > what ports need to be opened to the server to allow 1/ the optimal 
 > > broadcaster (me at BSDCan)
 > > 2/ the optimal client (people wanting to attend remotely)
 > > 3/ forwarding the session to a relay if the original server gets to full.

No idea ..

HTH (but I doubt it :)

Cheers, Ian

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