streaming guru .. firewall port recommendations?

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu May 10 22:38:38 UTC 2007

If anyone can tell me the ports to let through to make this work
without having to go through port 80 tcp, I'll see if I can have this change made.

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Danny Pansters wrote:

>> Just for the record, you may already know this. (from long time ago 
>> when I had a more than healthy interest in RealVideo) Rtsp is 
>> preferably used over UDP (that is the A/V data) together with a 
>> control "channel" over TCP for the play/pause/feedback sort of things. 
>> So "rtsp over tcp" will be (very) suboptimal as there needs to be 
>> confirmation of every datagram. If it's also possible to send the a/v 
>> stream over UDP  and to play it you'd rather use that.
> thanks..
> Will that make it more robust?
> the problem is firewalls.
> what ports need to be opened to the server to allow 1/ the optimal 
> broadcaster (me at BSDCan)
> 2/ the optimal client (people wanting to attend remotely)
> 3/ forwarding the session to a relay if the original server gets to full.

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