FreeBSD 5.5, PVR500, MythTV svn

Sean West sean.west at
Sun Mar 25 20:12:24 UTC 2007

On 3/25/07, R. B. Riddick <arne_woerner at> wrote:
> --- Sean West <sean.west at> wrote:
> > patch (thanks usleep!). The only problem I'm having is that if I start
> > reading from the cxm driver for more than say 30 seconds (it seems
> > quite random), my computer reboots. It doesnt freeze and then reboot
> > after a bit, it just reboots immediately.
> >
> I have the same problem.
> It seems to be hardware related (BIOS, IRQs, IDE-UDMA-mode, other devices).
> I know 2 cases on my 3 boxes (with 2 PVR-250):
> 1. Whatever I try, it reboots after some seconds.
> 2. On a certain BIOS (the main board has a Pentium 166MHz - so 1997 or so?) it
> works stable, until I create heavy CPU load and disk load.
> So my advice would be:
> 1. Try to move the cards around in the PCI slots, in order to get other IRQ
> assignment.

Just tried this. Didn't fix anything, and for some reason it gave cxm0
and cxm1 irq's 17 and 18 now... one more than what they were.

> 2. Try to use as less hardware as possible.

I striped out everything but the harddrive, video card, nic card and
tv tuner. Still resulted in same irq's and rebooting.

> 3. Try LINUX for TV recording (although I saw LINUX crashing with my TV card,
> too)... :-)

Actually, I currently have a Gentoo computer hooked up to my TV which
had the PVR500 in it. That computer doesnt have the best specs, and it
was too slow to watch a recording while it was recording something
else. So I'm attempting to put this card in my FreeBSD box. The Gentoo
computer worked great if I didnt watch a recording and record
something at the same time. Never crashed on me once for the few
months I was using the PVR500.

Another little tidbit: it seems that if I do a cat /dev/cxm0 >
/dev/null, it will go alot longer without rebooting.

Thanks for your tips... Any other ideas??

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