FreeBSD 5.5, PVR500, MythTV svn

R. B. Riddick arne_woerner at
Sun Mar 25 17:30:40 UTC 2007

--- Sean West <sean.west at> wrote:
> patch (thanks usleep!). The only problem I'm having is that if I start
> reading from the cxm driver for more than say 30 seconds (it seems
> quite random), my computer reboots. It doesnt freeze and then reboot
> after a bit, it just reboots immediately.
I have the same problem.

It seems to be hardware related (BIOS, IRQs, IDE-UDMA-mode, other devices).

I know 2 cases on my 3 boxes (with 2 PVR-250):
1. Whatever I try, it reboots after some seconds.
2. On a certain BIOS (the main board has a Pentium 166MHz - so 1997 or so?) it
works stable, until I create heavy CPU load and disk load.

So my advice would be:
1. Try to move the cards around in the PCI slots, in order to get other IRQ
2. Try to use as less hardware as possible.
3. Try LINUX for TV recording (although I saw LINUX crashing with my TV card,
too)... :-)


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