How to switch Audigy in analog mode (emu10kx from CURRENT)?

Karol Kwiatkowski karol.kwiat at
Fri Mar 16 11:29:55 UTC 2007

Yuriy Tsibizov wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I used to use audio/emu10kx on 6-STABLE. There was emuctrl utility to
>> switch Audigy card into analog mode.
>> Now I'm using emu10kx version from 7-CURRENT and I can't 
>> figure out how
>> to do the same. There are several sysctls [1] under 
>> dev.emu10kx but none
>> seems to be appropriate.
>> I'm using 'single channel' version (i.e. without 
> Karol, there should be no difference between card 'digital' and 'analog'
> modes
> in single-channel version. 'analog'/'digital' mode switch controls
> format of data on 'digital output' jack
> that can also used as 'analog center/subwoofer' output (in 'analog'
> mode).
> If there was some other difference (between 'analog' and 'digital') with
> version from ports, can you describe it?

Yeah, I should have been more specific. The issue is with center speaker:


I'm using a 5.1 analog speakers setup, which is connected to all 3
outputs of Audigy. There are 3 cables between amplifier and Audigy, one
responsible for front speakers (l/r), one for rear speakers (l/r) and
last one connected to 'digital output' is used by center/subwoofer.

Sound is coming from player (stereo) to /dev/dsp.


Setting 'emuctrl mode analog' gave me sound on all (including center)
With 'emuctrl set outX' I could control volume on front/rear/center.
In 'digital mode' I got noise from center speaker.

snd_emu10kx on CURRENT:

By default I get sound from 4 speakers - front and rear.
From center I get noise.

I realize this setup has nothing to do with 5.1 sound but it's better to
play music on 4 speakers, and sometimes the center one is useful too :)
I hope this clarifies the issue. Thanks,


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