command line only cd and dvd ISO ripping ...

Tobias Roth ports at
Thu Jun 28 20:55:58 UTC 2007

Gore Jarold wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to archive my audio CDs by making full,
> perfect copies of them in ISO format.
> I seem to be doing this properly, but I would like a
> sanity check on my command line - can someone tell me
> what the "correct" command line is for making a
> PERFECT iso duplication of an existing audio CD ?

I suggest you rip the CDs with cdparanoia, which handles scratched CDs
better than a plain copy. Furthermore, if you want to save a few
megabytes, you can encode the ripped files losslessly, for instance with
flac, which is what I did with my CDs. I used audio/grip, since it
handles everything in one go and also tags the flacs with the help from

About the DVD part, I can't help you, I have never done that.

cheers, Tobias

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