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Michael Collette metrol.net at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:30:47 UTC 2007

For the record, just installing the linux esound does not just make it
work.  Here are some of the steps that do get it to work though.

The flash player looks for a couple of things for sound support. One
is /tmp/.esd/socket. This must be created on the X server.

mkdir /tmp/.esd
touch /tmp/.esd/socket

The other thing flash is looking for is libesd.so.1. The linux-esound
library also looks for libesd.so.0. This must be created on the X
server as well.

cd /usr/local/lib
ln -s libesd.so.2 libesd.so.0
ln -s libesddsp.so.2 libesddsp.so.0
ln -s libesd.so.2 libesd.so.1
ln -s libesddsp.so.2 libesddsp.so.0

cd /compat/linux/usr/lib
ln -s libesd.so.0.2.36 libesd.so.1
ln -s libesd.so.0.2.36 libesd.so.2
ln -s libesddsp.so.0.2.36 libesddsp.so.1
ln -s libesddsp.so.0.2.36 libesddsp.so.2

After all that, linux-firefox properly recognizes the ESPEAKER
environment variable, and sound is directed through it automatically.

Perhaps either the flash7 or esound ports need to check for these
links and create them as needed upon installation?  It'd just be nice
to have it work out of the box so to speak.

On 6/6/07, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at leidinger.net> wrote:
> Quoting Michael Collette <metrol.net at gmail.com> (from Tue, 5 Jun 2007
> 09:04:51 -0700):
> > I ran across a thread talking about this a little while back, but
> > there was a lack of details as to how it was done.
> >
> > I'm running linux-firefox with the flash7 port on a remote X terminal.
> > That part is working quite nicely.  I'm finding that my best bet for
> > network audio at this point is esound.  Seems to be the widest
> > supported daemon.  I'm trying to route the flash audio through it.
> >
> > How do I get linux flash7 to route it's audio to esound properly?
> You have to install the linux version of esd and run linux-firefox
> within the linux version of esddsp (or how it is called). This may
> result in the behavior you want.
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