Effective method of 'connecting' two X servers ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at freebsd.org
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Using Synergy, works like a charm, thanks ... will most likely pull in my 
Windows laptop as a third yet, so that I don't have to get/use flash under Unix 

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>> Since it appears I'm going to have to wait for proper nVidia driver
>> support for
>> amd64, I'm goign to attach my second monitor to my other machine, and start X
>> on it ... but, what is the cleanest method of connecting the two so
>> that I can
>> use keyboard/mouse from my main screen on the second one?
>> I used to have a Windows box as second screen (laptop), and used x2vnc to go
>> from screen-to-screen, allowing me to cut-n-paste, etc ... so I'd like to do
>> something like that, except from FreeBSD-to-FreeBSD, getting the
>> laptop out of
>> the mix :)
> At work I use synergy to connect a Solaris and a Windows box. AFAIK it's
> available in the ports too. This way you could even use the 2 screens + your
> laptop...
> The setup is straight forward, and it recovers from connection losses.
> Bye,
> Alexander.
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