Effective method of 'connecting' two X servers ...

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"Marc G. Fournier" <scrappy at freebsd.org> wrote:

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> Since it appears I'm going to have to wait for proper nVidia driver support for 
> amd64, I'm goign to attach my second monitor to my other machine, and start X 
> on it ... but, what is the cleanest method of connecting the two so that I can 
> use keyboard/mouse from my main screen on the second one?
> I used to have a Windows box as second screen (laptop), and used x2vnc to go 
> from screen-to-screen, allowing me to cut-n-paste, etc ... so I'd like to do 
> something like that, except from FreeBSD-to-FreeBSD, getting the laptop out of 
> the mix :)

from memory, I think Greg Lehey has a similar setup... check his page / posts about his X setup
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