audio CD's in SCSI drives -- syntax?

Ben Kaduk minimarmot at
Sat Jul 21 16:00:14 UTC 2007

On 7/21/07, Michael Nottebrock <lofi at> wrote:
> Ben Kaduk schrieb:
> >>
> >> There is another tool for ripping audio CD with SCSI drives: audio/tosha
> >> I find tosha easier to use than cdda2wav, but this requires to install
> >> another app and since cdda2wav is part of sysutils/cdrtools ...
> >
> > For now, I think I'll keep the handbook only mentioning cdda2wave --
> > the text is confused enough as is.
> I think it might be worthwhile throwing out cdda2wav as the reference
> tool completely and instead rewrite the tutorial to feature cdparanoia,
> which is pretty much the state of the art ripping utilitiy these days
> (and has been even longer on Linux), works with device names rather than
> unit numbers for SCSI drives as well, does in fact not require the
> specification of any device by default as it will autoscan for devices
> and just use the first one it finds and finally is used as the ripping
> backend by nearly all modern GUI ripping utilities.

That is an interesting thought.  I'm pretty sure that I used cdparanonia
(and not cdda2wav) the last time I needed to rip CDs.

> The mp3 player paragraph probably could do with a rewrite as well,
> although it might be hard to come up with a substitute to XMMS - not
> because XMMS is so great and popular still, but mostly because there is
> so much more choice now.  mpg123 on the other hand is very outdated and
> should probably be substituted with madplay.

I will look at madplay.

> Finally, if you want to look at the big picture, the whole section 7.3
> is somewhat outdated and in need of a rewrite, given that there are
> plenty of popular alternatives to mp3 available, including lossless
> compressors, and mp3 itself is encumbered by that patent and the lame
> port is thus restricted. It seems to me that re-dedicating section 7.3
> to CD backups (with mentioning the possible formats to backup to) might
> be the way to go. Of course, that's all easy to say for me who never
> writes any documentation, but just in case someone reads this and feels
> inspired ...

I will not argue with you that the entire section needs a re-write.  I
would probably
prefer to call it ``audio playback and file conversion'', though (akin
to ``video playback'').

Marc, what do you think?

-Ben Kaduk

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