audio CD's in SCSI drives -- syntax?

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Fri Jul 20 09:48:56 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 04:50:00PM -0500, Ben Kaduk wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>  I'm going through the multimedia section of the handbook, ostensibly
>  to look for grammar errors, but I noticed that most of the examples
>  are SCSI-centric, and do not seem to make use of named device nodes.
>  I do not have access to a SCSI CD drive myself, so I ask here to get
>  some more information about the current state of accessing SCSI CD
>  drives.
>  In particular, I am looking at this page:
>  For example, in its discussion of the use of cdda2wav, it uses devices
>  by their SCSI unit numbers, but I presume that one could also point it
>  at /dev/cd0 (since /dev/acd0 works just fine) -- is this true?

No, it does not work.
With my PLEXTOR CD-ROM PX-40TS, only
cdda2wav -D 0,3,0 ... runs

There is another tool for ripping audio CD with SCSI drives: audio/tosha
I find tosha easier to use than cdda2wav, but this requires to install
another app and since cdda2wav is part of sysutils/cdrtools ...

>  The section also mentions that dd(1) can be used to extract audio
>  tracks from ATAPI drives.  Is it (still) true that SCSI drives do not
>  export the individual tracks as device nodes (e.g. ATAPI drives offer
>  /dev/acd0t01)?

It's specific to ATAPI drives, it's a solution to avoid SCSI oriented
tools to rip audios CD.  Remember, there was a time where if you wanted
to burn/rip/etc. you had to own a SCSI CDROM (all the tools were for
SCSI devices) and there was no ATAPI/CAM.  The ATAPI/CAM module came
later on FreeBSD in comparaison to other *BSD, but we had wormcontrol(8)
then later burncd(8) which allowed us to burn on ATAPI without the need
of SCSI emulation.  Well, I'm happy this old time is other cause burning
on IDE burner in pre-burncd or pre-ATAPI/CAM era was not "funny".
Here's what I used to burn a data CD under 3.X:

wormcontrol -f /dev/racd1c prepdisk double
wormcontrol -f /dev/racd1c track data
dd if=./data.iso of=/dev/racd1c bs=20k
wormcontrol -f /dev/racd1c fixate 1
cdcontrol -f /dev/racd1 eject

You imagine in the case of audio... :)


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