snd_envy24(4) and snd_envy24ht(4) MFC

Philipp Ost pj at
Sun Jan 21 21:54:34 UTC 2007

Scott Spare wrote:
> In reference to the snd_envy24 drivers and card, I have an M-Audio
> Audiophile 192 which I will be very happy to test new drivers on or to get
> hardware info as needed.

I have a Terratec Phase 22 which I almost got to work properly on 
6.2-STABLE. The only thing that's missing is a better integration with 
mixer(8) which causes the following problem:
The system recognizes the card, but I can't hear anything because the 
card is muted in some way... Changing the values of vol, pcm or line 
doesn't change anything; if I attempt to change some of the other mixer 
devices I get:

$ mixer $dev 100
Setting the mixer $dev from 0:0 to 100:100.
mixer: WRITE_MIXER: Device not configured

I could try to run that card on -CURRENT, but I don't expect it to be 
any better ;)

I suspect a lack of more mixer devices (especially 'mix') to be the main 
source of this problem; it could be easily fixed by adding those mixer 
devices to the driver(s). Alas, I'm not able to do it myself as I don't 
know C/C++ that good and I don't have that much free time (I'm preparing 
for university-entrance diploma...).

If there are any patches available (I don't mind if they are for 
-CURRENT or -STABLE :>), I'm happy to test them ;)

If you need more information (about the card, the setup, dmesg,...) just 
ask ;)


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