snd_envy24(4) and snd_envy24ht(4) MFC

Scott Spare scuppers at
Sun Jan 21 15:33:46 UTC 2007

In reference to the snd_envy24 drivers and card, I have an M-Audio
Audiophile 192 which I will be very happy to test new drivers on or to get
hardware info as needed.

The way I understand it, however this card is the one that has already been
tested the most, so I don't know how valuable that will be.

I hope others reading this list can agree - soundcard driver development is
a valuable step toward helping FreeBSD into the multimedia realm.

The M-Audio cards are very nice for entry-level recording studio and
audiophile multimedia application and maybe for home theater and home stereo
applications.  FreeBSD is rock-solid and non-resource intensive in its
default state.  Also great fun for gearheads ;-)  Seems a good match.

The machine I have with the envy-based card is currently running "that other
company's OS"  but am considering a MythTV setup running Wine for those
cases where that's necessary.  I will need to do most of my testing in a
VMWare box early on, since it's the primary computer at this point.

There would be something really cool about having three BSD boxen here.
Snapstream was the killer app for the DVR, but recently has hit all kinds of
trouble...  Gaming may make the whole "Windows-extraction effort"
difficult.  The main game I'm playing has copy-protection which doesn't work
and play well with Wine. (the game's Psychonauts - it's a great game)

Hitting snags currently with console apps and the mixer.  More specifically,
the mixer doesn't control the volume on shell-fm .  That's on a different
card (the emu_10k based one)

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