speex upgrade to 1.1.12 ?

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Wed Feb 21 18:58:47 UTC 2007

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 11:59:11 -0600, Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at icir.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 11:56:34AM -0600, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
>> On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:34:47 -0600, Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at icir.org> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > we have two (conflicting) speex ports in the tree:
>> > multimedia/speex which is version 1.0.5, source dated 07-May-2005
>> > multimedia/speex-devel which is version 1.1.12, source dated   
>> 15-Feb-2006
>> > for which there is no maintainer other than this list.
>> >
>> > Some packages start checking for recent (1.1.x) version of speex,

After checking, which port are you talking about? I only see one  
(net/opal) and it is not depend on speex-devel by default. Unless, my grep  
is incorrect?

>> > i think it would be good to upgrade multimedia/speex to 1.1.12
>> > rather than patching the various configure files.
>> Get them to depend on speex-devel then.
> speex and speex-devel are conflicting.

Since, the development version is backwards compatible then you can  
uninstall speex and install speex-devel. All the ports will be still  
thinking that you have speex when you try to install them. Also, we have  
pkgdb/portupgrade and portmaster that are smart enough to take care of it  
when you update ports.

You can add a check in Makefile for if speex exists, then mark it as  
IGNORE and tell users to uninstall speex and install speex-devel.

> And there are over 100 ports that depend on speex so if you
> build speex-devel you won't be able to build those depending on speex
> i believe.

Over 100 vs 1 still doesn't give me a good reason to put a development  
version in speex.

>> > A comment in the CVS repository says that:
>> >
>> >  
>> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/audio/speex-devel/Makefile?rev=1.31&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup
>> >
>> > 	Speex 1.1 is backwards compatible with speex 1.0
>> > 	and can be used as a drop in replacement
>> > 	for audio/speex
>> >
>> > and the only reason for not upgrading multimedia/speex before
>> > was that speex-devel is marked broken for 4.x - this should not
>> > be a concern anymore, right ?
>> No, the main reason of that is... It is a development version, so the
>> 1.1.x stick in speex-devel is correct.
> actually 1.1.x is not development anymore, according to
> 	http://downloads.us.xiph.org/releases/speex/
> speex-devel is now  the 1.2 branch
> Am i missing something ?

Yes, it is wrong place to check. Why don't you check its website instead  
of that ftp or list of distfiles?

Anyway, I will be check in several of Linux distros to see what they have.  
If most of them have 1.1.x, then I guess I will be happy to do the  
speex-devel -> speex.


> 	cheers
> 	luigi

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